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 Benifits:- Antibacterial, Aids in Digestion Stress Reliever

Assorted best selling  essential oils in 10 ML size best for gifting with diffusers

Available in different flavors

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BIOEX CLEANER CLEANING AND DECONTAMINATION AGENT – CL6 Easily biodegradable. Non-toxic to humans and plants and has no impact on health and the environment. Non-irritating and does not contain phosphate, ammonia, chlorine, glycol, fluorine. Suitable for workplace, offices, warehouses, furniture, equipment, vehicle, etc.

BIOVERSAL QF 1% – CL4 Human Disinfectant and Decontamination. Decontaminate people, employees, workers, without any needs of shower. Also suitable for workplaces, warehouses, firefighting equipment, vehicles etc.

Description: It is a mixture of blue lotus and tea tree, together it helps you calm, unifying with a soft euphoria with the benefits of disinfecting your surroundings. Size and Packaging: 30ml

Can be used for Home & Car.

Can be use for Home & Car

Sold out!

Can be use for Home & Car.

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