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Moringa O2 Herbal Soap 135g

KWD 4.900

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Product Description

What it is: Give your skin the kind of care that makes it so healthy, it glows! Ideal for sensitive skin, our herbal soap gently cleanses and nourishes skin by not stripping off its protective oil, keeping you moisturized daily.

What it does: The natural ingredients contained in our Herbal Moisturizing Soap restore skin elasticity, stimulate cell regeneration and renewal for a youthful glow. It also helps lighten the complexion and make it more even.

How to use: Wet your hands and rub the herbal soap until it lathers up. Gently massage the lather on your face and body, and then rinse. What else you need to know: – For use on face, neck and body – Antibacterial, anti-acne – Anti-aging, skin lightening – Dermatologist-tested

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