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Underarm & inner thigh cream is the ultimate solution for lightening your dark spots! Powered by advance and premium formulations from top dermatologist, provides safe and effective skin lightening essentials for unwanted dark areas such as underarms, inner thigh, knees & elbows. Combined with intense moisturizing ingredients. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulites &…

Comes formulated with carrot extract and beta carotene, best known as an anti-oxidant and for its anti-aging properties and considered safest whitening organic soap.

Papaya enzyme in papaya have exfoliating properties when applied to the skin. By removing dead skin cells, papaya helps produce younger, smoother skin. Papaya inhibits melanin production, making the skin lighter in color, radiant and glowing with health. The low PH level of goat’s milk is close to our skin’s PH, making it a very…

It contains pure and natural papaya enzymes that whitens as it provides your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients. Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E, it keeps your skin smooth, fair and glowing.

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