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SAFETEK BY SANTEK 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL-BASED HAND SANITIZER 500ML An environment friendly and biodegradable clear liquid which has no stratification or turbidity.

With hints of lavender and sandalwood, this clean and fresh, bold scent which emanates a masculine tone invigorates your senses and reminds you of the air of the ocean breeze.

Experience the slight citrus blast of lemon, mandarin and hint of bergamot.

Composed of Juniper and a slight essence of lavender mixed with a faint woody note that you can’t get enough of smelling.

It pours the fun and young fruity-floral scent.

A scent that flows with freshness and brings along floral touch that reminds you of elegance.

Filo Dapper: With its citrusy, woodsy character, this scent frees up the senses and personifies a neat, spruced-up intellectual.

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