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13L DISINFECTION ATOMIZER STERILIZER – DAS1 Great for dental clinics, hospitals, offices, factories, living rooms, and bedrooms.   Ultrasonic Electronic High Frequency Ultrasonic Atomizer Mist

16L BACKPACK ELECTROSTATIC ULV FOGGER – SP2 Range: 2.5 – 6 meters 16-liter tank, Lithium Battery Particle Size: 10-120μm (adjustable) Run time: 1.5 – 6 Hours


3-PLY DISPOSABLE MASK – M1 Material: 2-layer non-woven fabric plus 1-layer melt-blown filter Color: Blue Packaging: 50pcs/pack

ALCOBAC 70% ETHYL ALCOHOL – EA1 70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution Antiseptic, Disinfectant, Sanitizer Size: 60ML


ALCOHOL AUTOMATIC SPRAYER – AS3 2-IN-1 sprayer: can be use as disinfectant and nourishing your skin. Capacity: 35ML


ALCOHOL SPRAYER – AS2 BALLPOINT PEN 3ML capacity; 40-50 times spray Available: Blue, Red, White & Black

ALCOHOL PREP PAD – A1 70% isopropyl alcohol pads that are individually sealed. Light weight. Easy to carry. 200 pads / box | Pad Size: 6CM X 3CM

ALCOHOL PREP PAD – A3 70% isopropyl alcohol pads that are individually sealed. Light weight. Easy to carry. 100 pads / box | Pad Size: 6CM X 6CM

ALCOHOL TOWELETTE – A2 DISINFECTANT WET WIPES Contains 75% Alcohol Non-woven towel Individually Sealed Easy to Carry Single pack | Wipes Size: 20CM X 18CM


ANTI – SALIVA MASK – SM! Reusable; Anti-fog Effectively prevent droplets of transmission. Lightweight, easy to put on even for long time. Packaging: 10pcs/box

ATOMER II PORTABLE ULV FOGGER ULTRA LOW VOLUME SPRAYER – SP5 Mounting motor filter Independent air and chemical control valve High speed rotary atomizer Moving atomizer part Shoulder Strap Solution Tank Capacity: 4L Droplet Size: 20 ~ 50㎛ Flow Rate: 1.2l/m

BIOEX CLEANER CLEANING AND DECONTAMINATION AGENT – CL6 Easily biodegradable. Non-toxic to humans and plants and has no impact on health and the environment. Non-irritating and does not contain phosphate, ammonia, chlorine, glycol, fluorine. Suitable for workplace, offices, warehouses, furniture, equipment, vehicle, etc.

BIOVERSAL QF 1% – CL4 Human Disinfectant and Decontamination. Decontaminate people, employees, workers, without any needs of shower. Also suitable for workplaces, warehouses, firefighting equipment, vehicles etc.

BOOT COVER – BC1 Non-Woven SS; 35GSM Medical Blue; Free Size


COTTON MASK WITH FILTERS – M5 100% Cotton Washable and Reusable PM2.5 blocks 95.99% dust, viruses, and bacteria Double layer soft cotton filter for extra protection

DISPOSABLE COVERALL SPUN BOND SS Material made up of 50 GSM, EN approved Sizes Available: M, L, XL

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