Frequently Asked Questions

We choose to use high quality herbal seeds instead of much less expensive , more filler for several reasons: herbal seeds cool down, they produce moist heat. This unique thermal property is due to herbal seeds high oil content. Our grain products tends to emit a “cooked food smell” after heating and eventually lose their ability to retain heat, herbal seeds may be warmed repeatedly anfd the seed smooth surface will not crack of crumble even under repeated heating and cooling.

Due to the fact that we order & mix herbs and spices in very small quantitiesto ensure freshness, the intensity of your pillow’s aroma amy be strong initially. We have found the aromas tend to fade after several use.

Your pillow may be re-heated hundreds of times before its herbal aroma will begin to fade. At that point you might consider ordering a new pillow. If you are heating your pillow several times a day. It should stay fragrant for months. If you plan on heating and using the pillow only occassionally, you can look forward to enjoying i’s lovely scent much longer, To prolong the scent of you Precious Herbal Pillow we recommend you to use Precious Aroma Care Pillow Scent.

Our fabric may get damaged when heated too much than recommended. Excessive heating can also cause loss of components smell or may burn.

So it is very important to follow the heating instructions provided with your pillow. Please make sure that the pad does not touch the inside walls of the microwave during rotation. Make sure that the rotary glass in the microwave is clean and there are no residues or oils. These residues form a high heat point and may cause damage to the pillow.

Yes! You may use a cooking panto steam the herbal pillow. Kindly follow the instructions to the table.

Your Precious Pillow will come with individual heating and cooling instructions. Depending on the size of your pillow & the wattage of your microwave, it will be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Note: All of our pillows have been tested in a 800 watts microwave oven. The higher wattage your microwave is, the less time will be required to heat your pillow for maximum comfort & stress relief. If your microwave is more or less powerful than 800 watts, we recommend adding or subtractingin 20 second increments until you are content with the warmth produced by your pillow.

Our herbal therapy pillows can help soothe a colic baby, as well as an infant or child experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort.

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